Board exams can give one sleepless night and day but the hard work put into coming out in flying colors is all worth in the end. Each one aspires to score merit or distinction in their exam but not all can reach the highest pedestal. Additionally, the levels of stress and pressure remain at a high during board exams and around the result time.

Board examsSurviving Board exams is no less a quest but primarily knowing how to survive it is all the crux. So here we thought to reduce your stress by presenting some wonderful hacks which can help you overcome the tension and stress related to Board exams and survive it with proficiency.

How to manage stress and survive the tension of board exams?

Come Std 10th or HSC board examination, and the weather takes a complete 360-degree turn. Tensions start to linger over the heads of students as to how to manage with the exam and face the pressure. From attending schools to going to classes the pressure increases to a great extent for students as soon as they enter Std. 10th. However, what the present time requires is smart work with perfected working hard to sharpen skills.

Understanding the hustle faced by all SSC aspirants we have presented 5 quick techniques to survive the board exams and make the quest of clearing SSC possible.

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Pay attention to what is taught in school

Well, school is considered the temple of knowledge. It is here where you can gain the utmost knowledge. If you can garner as much knowledge and understanding here itself then you can reduce your load to a lot extent. You can start by taking notes in the class while the teacher is teaching and jot down important points. Later on, after coming back home you can go through the same and revise. This will make it easier for you to understand what they learned during the lecture.


  • Highlight important points
  • You can get ample of time for fun once your exam gets over.
  • Jot down all the necessary concepts and write in gist about the same in your notebook.
  • Clear any doubts related to the topics explained when you are in class. This will save you from feeling lost later on.

After reading textbooks, revise using reference books for SSC boards.

Textbooks are a great source for learning about things. Before you go on to referring for other notes and guides, it is necessary to read through the textbook. Often students give step-motherly treatment to textbooks opening them only when you take it to the college. However, it is the ultimate gem which when understood well can prove to be a great tool for gaining a good score in the exam.

Once you have read through your textbook and well acquainted with the concepts, you can move on to revise the same from reference books and guides. Choosing a proper reference book can aid in easing your preparation. To make your learning easy, we at Target Publication also offer Essential Fundamentals for Std X and Std X Mathematics Challenging Questions for quick learning.

Tips on choosing the best reference book:

  • Must contain ample examples to offer a conceptual understanding of all the topics revised
  • Answers to all textual questions as well as additional questions from inside the chapters

Must contain lucid language which is easy to understand and comprehend

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The biggest reason for students to get tensed during board exams is the ambiguity regarding how the exam will be conducted. What will be asked in the paper and how one will be able to solve the papers in time. Herein, solving previous year papers will be of great advantage. Not only one can comprehend how the questions will be asked, but one can also prepare oneself with preparation strategy of how they will manage to solve the paper in time.

Apart from Previous Year Papers for English medium, Target Publication also provide Marathi and Hindi Medium. Check out the offerings by visiting our website.

How to utilize previous year papers?

  • Look for the weight of marks given to various questions
  • Categorize the questions based on the topics they are taken from.
  • Solve question papers to understand time management

Group study with friends

Studying in a group can be extremely beneficial if you are someone who gets bored preparing for the exam alone. Preparing with friends can go either way i.e. you can end up completing your syllabus or get piled with more material to study. The reason group study can help you survive board exams as you will not feel the pressure to a great extent. You can help each other in solving difficult maths problems as well as understanding concepts which you may find yourself stuck to.

Tips on how to study with friends during a group study:

  • Prepare tests for each other and evaluate the performance
  • Set a time limit and solve previous year papers or model papers given in reference book
  • Clear each other’s doubts and queries related to the topics


This is the most required trait for passing any examination. You are required to be confident about what you do and keep no fear lurk in your mind. Fear only makes things worse and you will end up forgetting things further. So whatever you study you should be well abreast with the concepts and understand what you are studying or reading. Moreover, practice as much as possible every topic and what you find more complex revise it twice.

In addition to following all the above norms, ensure to take full care of your health. Because if there is no health, there can be no luck too. Sleep in time and eat healthy food. Do not stay awake till late at night as it will leave you more tired and reduce your concentration.

Target Publications with our offerings deem to reduce the pressure related to the examinations. To avoid any more confusion and questions related to the topics, we have prepared a comprehensive book which clearly explains all the topics. Every topic is extensively covered and we have taken all care to use lucid language for understanding the concepts.

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