Mock Tests Imagine this. You are all set to ace your exams. You’ve finished your revision, and you walk into the exam hall beaming with confidence. As soon as the invigilator hands over the question paper, you are dismayed to see a new pattern in questions and marks distribution. You try to keep your confidence intact, but you are flustered and sweating.

Mock Test

Isn’t it a nightmare?

Mock tests rescue students from such nightmares. They help students gauge their level of preparedness and encourage them to take the necessary measures to parade towards exam success. In short, mock tests provide the practice you need for attaining excellence in your upcoming exams.

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Here are five ways how a mock test can help you ace your exams.

Helps students begin their revision

According to a 2007 study, 80-95% of students regularly procrastinate until it becomes a problem. But mock tests can help you beat it. All you have to do is look at a mock test (let alone take one) a couple of months before the exam season. That should give you a good idea of where you stand and how much further you have to go and help kick-start preparations.

Provides the real-exam feel

Exam time can create immense pressure on you. It can make you nervous, stressed, frustrated, and make you commit sloppy mistakes in the exam. In such a situation, you can’t perform to the best of your abilities. Mock tests expose you to the real-exam situations beforehand and make you exam-ready. They acquaint you with the question pattern, marks distribution, and the depth of the syllabus. This helps you figure out the best exam preparation strategies and practice them.

Revision of complete syllabus

Usually, students tend to revise the syllabus in bits and sections and not in its entirety. While this could prove effective with some students, it could also lead to gaps in their knowledge and moments of forgetfulness in the exam hall. On the other hand, mock tests can provide an opportunity to revise the entire syllabus, correlate the sections, and provide a simulation of the actual exam environment. Even leading researchers in the field of memory research consider testing oneself as one of the most effective ways of retaining information and improving the ability to recall the information.

Understand your preparedness

Once you are ready to take up the exams, it is necessary to test your readiness. Mock tests help you analyze the level of your exam preparation. They help determine the topics that you have understood and the concepts you need to focus more on. This helps you plan an effective study strategy.


Time management

We all know that time management is important during exams. Most students fail to attempt all the questions in the stipulated time, despite knowing the answers. In such cases, prioritizing the questions and managing the time is a much-needed approach. Mock tests teach you to plan your time during exams.

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