Strategy Std. 10th is a big year for students studying in high school. It is a big year for a number of reasons. First of the many, is the fact that it is the first time when students study their entire syllabus for the final examination. This is much different from the previous academic years when marks are an aggregate of exams that are conducted over both the semesters of the year. Another important reason is that SSC Boards happen to be one of the biggest milestones that a student faces in their academic life.


With so many portions to cover, many students might get bogged down by its enormity. While this is quite natural a response, at the same time proper planning and strategy can help you sail through the SSC Boards. So, let us first look at some facts:

  • It has been well above 3 months that you have entered into Std 10th
  • By now you must know the entire syllabus for all subjects, both in private tuitions and school
  • You may have been asked to change your study patterns as the SSC Boards will test you on the entire curriculum
  • Lastly, you have about 8 months remaining until the SSC Board examinations are upon you.

Now, that we have settled the facts as they are, let us begin to devise a plan and create a strategy that will help you prepare better for SSC 10th in the next 5 months:

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October – Find your Weakness and Strength

Generally, by this month most teachers, both in schools and private tuitions complete the entire portion that is to be studied. This is the time then, to find out your weaknesses and strengths. For instance, you may have a problem with understanding a physics numerical given in your SSC Boards science textbook. You can approach your teacher for the solution of the same or rely on SSC science reference material for the same. Once you know what you may be lacking, you can slowly begin to build-up on your strengths while at the same time, negating your weaknesses. This way you will be ready for the big semester examinations that will soon come your way.

November – Sharpen your concepts

This month holds special importance for students of SSC 10th Boards. Better known as the ‘exam’ month, you will be giving your semester exams this month. This is followed by the Preliminary exams. Many schools and classes both hold exams on similar days. Hence you must prepare with what you have studied for over the past many months. You should focus on sharpening your concepts and take on more study that is like an examination instead of just reading and understanding. Getting success in the semester examination is quite important as it becomes your stepping stone for the next few exams before the real one.

December and January – Month of Prelims

While these are two different months, we will be treating them with the same approach of strategy. This is because these two are ‘Prelim’ months. The preliminary examination is like your rehearsal for the final SSC 10th Boards examination. Many schools and classes conduct at least two prelim examinations for their students. Both these exams test you on the entire portion and give you a kind of a test drive before the real examination. Here, it is important to treat these exams as proper, full-throttle examinations. This will allow you to asses yourself under pressure and understand how to approach the final examination.

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February – Make use of Study Leave

This month is generally given off as a ‘study leave’ period for students. Many students prefer to stay at home during this time. While there are some who like to go to school to keep their momentum of studies up. It is important for you here to choose whichever way serves you best. If you feel that you will get distracted by the T.V at home, then you should attend school by all means. Whatever you choose, remember that this is the one month that comes with bonus timing. This bonus timing refers to a short time span where you can actually learn some new concepts. These include those which you may have overlooked. While at the same time, don’t ignore the concepts that you have already studied.

March – Final D-Day

The month is here. It is the final test of all of your efforts to date. Ensure that you rest well during this month. As much as you can, avoid outside food, late nights or watching too much T.V during this time. Furthermore, devise study games to help you study better when you get bored of just reading books. Another important aspect that you must take care of in your strategy is ‘rest’. Make it your goal to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day. As the final exam approaches, only stick to concepts that you have studied before. Don’t stray away from them at all. Good food, studies and rest will help you score better.

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