Common Mistakes SSC is going to conduct several exams including SSC JE, Scientific Assistant etc., at the end of this year. So, preparation becomes more hectic and uncertain as the exam time comes near. Many candidates are appearing for the last couple of years. Such candidates have tried everything including several study materials, several coaching centers, and several online preparation guides. However, they are not selected until the date.

Common Mistakes

Now, most of you will be wondering that in such a lucid exam, what the mistakes that students or repeaters do commit are. Let have a look in a few minutes-

Exam pattern & Syllabus

Most of the students directly jump to various study materials and coaching centers without getting familiar with the SSC exam pattern and syllabus for several entries. In such type of preparation, majority of candidates used to prepare unnecessary topics as numerous standard books covers all standard topics, which are sometimes out of syllabus. So, preparation should be started by first understanding the exam syllabus and cut-offs of the previous year papers. Practice few last year question papers and make a table comprising of the topics and asked questions out of them respectively.

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Multiple exams preparation

Many aspirants have an image in their mind that SSC, banking & insurance sector preparation are same in all manner. However, they have tendency to study for all these exams. So, Please understand that each exam has different way to assess the aspirants. Some exams are more analytical, some are more concept oriented, while some are more practice oriented. Many of these exams held in tiers fashion, while others have a single day exam schedule. So, first decide your preference and priority.

Technical Aspects

Aspirants must know and acknowledge that Offline exams and online exams are not similar, although syllabus is still same for different entries. Practicing on pen and paper mode makes you expert in applying concept and methods. But, there are some limitations in online exam. You have to attempt a competent range of questions within the specified time limits and you cannot overview/visit other questions as you can do in offline exams. Hence, it is strongly recommended to attempt online mock tests as much as possible to get familiarize with the interface and online experience.

Lack of Pre-Planning

Planning is the most vulnerable phase of getting success in any aspect of your life. So as it applies in SSC preparation as well. As SSC notification arrives, you have maximum 3-4 months for preparation, which is very short and limited period for covering all topics and chapters. Hence, you have to make a proper and practical strategy to study and practice the tests & quizzes in advance. Make this as your daily plan.

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Plentiful Study material

A number of candidates especially, who have good grades in their schooling and in graduation, used to refer a plenty of books and study materials for the subsequent preparation. Avoid this strictly and stick to the study material of your own choice. It is fair to consult with the selected students about the study material.

Shortcut tricks

Candidates assume that shortcut tricks are very useful to crack the exams by attempting maximum number of questions, especially for the quantitative aptitude section. Some students start to discover and develop their own shortcut tricks, which is meaningless and time-wasting process. Important thing is to learn the basic well and practice as much as you can to acquire a flow in question-solving. This will help you in understanding the concepts & the variations resulting in high confidence level.

Ignoring the rest subjects

A few candidates have an interest in particular subjects and they stuck with it for a longer period of their preparation. They usually focus on their strength and leave other subjects untouched. Be careful, as merit list or cut-offs are prepared on the basis of performance in all subjects. Each subject is scoring and is framed in the examination for some purpose. The general cut-offs are very high and competition is getting high year by year.

Lack of notes

Especially for general studies, aspirants do not prepare notes, as it is a monotonous and time-effort consuming process. You should make short notes and revise them regularly and before the exam.

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