Board Success in exam is the quest of every other student. But success is only possible if the candidate has done good preparation and has the best tools for making the preparation possible. Additionally, it also depends on the student’s temperament, which particular exam they are attempting and how confident are they with the topic.


However, exams are one such point when students find their knowledge being scrutinized and gains a platform to enhance their knowledge further. Hence, we at Target Publications comprehensively work to present to students a perfect learning platform which to ease the process of learning in a lucrative way.

Thus, here we have presented top exam preparation techniques to help you get through the exam stress and go on to score splendidly in the exams:

Revision is the way out

Revision is the crux for all exams and also the working tool that can fetch you great scores. And revision in a manner that can really be effective for learning. This must be a great combination of writing and reading combined with effective conceptual understanding.

Board exams is not just about the right techniques but knowing what to avoid doing in exam which can reduce your marks. If you wish to know what are the things to keep in mind before preparing for HSC Board examination this will surely make a great read for you: Things to keep in mind before preparing for HSC Board Examination!

Write to glue it in your mind

Writing is the best technique that ensures you do not miss out on what you have learned. Read once, write twice. Herein your mind, mouth, and brain working together than makes it easy for your mind to remember and project out when required. After you read through the answers and have also practiced it by writing, give yourself an exam for testing how well have you comprehended the topic.

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Practice previous exam papers

Semester exam is the most important in the case of examinations. However, that doesn’t mean unit tests happen to be less useful. Unit Tests aid in building the basic foundation which will be later helpful at the time of semester. Also participating in class tests and routine revision can help you further to enhance your knowledge base and later make it more useful when attempting the examination.

At the time of exam

Even though you have prepared well for your exam, confusion and panic can arise when you are actually attempting paper in the examination hall. However, mindfully attempting for the exam can sort you in not missing any question and at the same time, gaining good score. So here are top tips to follow at the time of exam when you are attempting the paper:

Read the question paper twice

Question paper must be well read before you begin with solving them. Look through the entire paper and check for questions that you find can be solved quickly and those which need more time to solve. Also along with the questions also go through the instructions well before plunging into solving the paper.

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Solve easier ones before and tough ones later

After going through the paper start with solving easier questions first and leaving the tougher ones for later. In the case of competitive exams it is always better to leave the question unsolved as you may end up losing marks for negative marking. Thus, herein only solve those questions which you consider are important and need to be solved.

Keep focus on time

Often while solving the paper you may tend to get tensed. However, keep your calm and go on to solve all the questions accurately.

The more simplified the concepts are, the more it will be easy to understand the concepts. This is the very ideology that surrounds the books offered by Target Publications. Our books are curated to present to students the concepts in the most simplified manner. This is well covered in our Std 10th books and Std 12th books for Science, Commerce which is written in most lucid language that can be easily comprehended.

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