If you are an aspirant and want to crack SSC CGL 2020, you have to create a very strong base for your English Language. Both Tier 1 and Tier 2 will test you on your knowledge of English Grammar. Tier 2 has an entire paper dedicated to it. But the good news is that you can score full marks in these English segments. You need to practise English grammar as dedicatedly as you practise Maths because this is your chance to get ahead of all the competition and land that dream job. In this article “English for SSC CGL 2020”, we will discuss a few simple strategies which will help beginners get a good grasp of the language.

SSC CGL 2020

How do I prepare for English for SSC CGL 2020 as a Beginner?

First things first: understand the requirements

Essentially, the SSC CGL 2020 English paper can be broken down into these segments-

1. Grammar

2. Vocabulary

3. Reading and Comprehension

To get a strong start, here is the layout of the syllabus

1. Grammar

  • Sentence correction
  • Spotting errors
  • Replacement of phrases
  • Direct and indirect sentences
  • Active and passive voices
  • Fill up the blanks

2. Vocabulary

  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Cloze test
  • Idioms
  • Phrases
  • Spellings
  • Word substitutions

3. Reading and comprehension

  • Structuring a series of jumbled sentences or paragraphs

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English for SSC CGL 2020 – Tips to Solve Various Questions Types

Now that you have a better understanding of the syllabus, let’s discuss what each constituent of the syllabus entails-

1. Sentence correction and spotting errors both require the same skill – Realizing how a sentence can be framed better.

2. In phase replacement, the sentence in the question will contain a popular phrase but there will be an error. You will have to supply the correct phrase. For this section, you will have to learn a long list of English phrases. Once you are familiar with the phrases, this segment no longer poses a challenge.

3. Direct and indirect as well as active and passive voices are parts of grammar that we had all been taught as children. So, it won’t take long to jog your memory. Simply dig out your old grammar books and go over the rules and practise papers. Or you can also refer to multiple online sites for this purpose.

4. Synonyms and antonyms come in long charts and you have to study them every day to memorize them.

5. For the fill-in-the-blanks segment, you will have to brush up on your preposition skills and other parts of speech. The trick to nailing this segment is to not lose track of the sentence, just try to decipher the meaning that has to be conveyed and you will immediately find the right word for the blank.

6. Spellings can be quite a problem. Even if you are proud of yourself on always getting spellings right, when you are confronted with a range of incorrect spellings, it’s natural to get confused. So every time you read, be it newspapers, magazines or books, pay close attention to spellings to create a strong base.

7. Cloze test analyzes your ability to comprehend English. Here, parts of the sentence will need to be changed. The trick is to understand the context and the theme of the passage. Read the passage rapidly twice or thrice before you answer, to avoid mistakes.

8. These are some fundamental instructions on how you can tackle each segment of the paper. But, you will have to do more than that to obtain maximum marks.

9. Read every day: This may seem a little cumbersome, but reading is imperative. Read English newspapers and novels. Make sure the books you read aren’t too child-like because you have to build a strong compendium of words, phrases and idioms.

10. Solve practice sets every day to track your progress and figure out your weaknesses.

11. Come up with mnemonics- techniques that help you remember better.

The English paper might be challenging but its reputation as being quite gruelling is unjust. With practice, you can easily qualify SSC CGL 2020 English paper with top marks. We hope that this blog “English for SSC CGL 2020” would help you and make things clearer and easier for you.

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